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Musings from the shed.

Rob Elshire

Agri-Tech Innovation Ecosystem Workshop

1 min read

I put this together for the first Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri Technology (Australian National University in Canberra) workshop a few years ago. There is a lot packed into this (even though the recording cut things short). This is one of my best pieces of integrative work.

Rob Elshire

Groups Like ‘No Patents on Seeds!’ and ‘Friends of the Earth Germany’ Respond to Bayer’s GMO Patents (Previously Monsanto) in Light of EPO’s Watered-Down Decision

Putting aside any discussion of safety or "tinkering with life", ownership of the fundamental units of the food supply is nothing but bad.

Rob Elshire

Milk could be carbon-neutral now, says new study

Any assertion of something being carbon-neutral that requires the purchasing of carbon credits is bullshit.

NIWA has a different take: