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Rob Elshire

Indiana coronavirus: Indiana will stay at Stage 5 of reopening

Evidence free decision making continues to be the standard operating procedure in the Indiana Statehouse.

Of note in this article is this very interesting choice of phrasing:

Holcomb said the current problem driving an increase in positivity is less about larger gatherings than it is in the behavior of individuals. 

“It’s our behavior, our actions that need to be addressed," he said. "The shutting down approach is missing the point.”

Positivity on the rise sounds like something we should be happy about, right? Not in this case. Not only that, according to the Governor, the problem here is not poor leadership by the government, but rather people making bad choices. This is the typical Republican / conservative approach, blame the victims.

We know that the two places where COVID-19 spreads the most are churches and bars. In Indiana they opened up the churches first. In this article, we see that bars can operate with no restrictions on capacity. Who made those decisions? Perhaps, it is the Governor's behavior and actions that need to be addressed?

Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.

Rob Elshire

Furious blame game after 16,000 Covid cases are missed due to Excel glitch | Daily Mail Online

Here we go again. Wrong tool for the job. From the article:

The technical issue has now been resolved by splitting the Excel files into batches.

If you are still using Excel, then the technical problem has not, in fact, been resolved.


Rob Elshire

Gotta Love Librarians

I had this posted some months ago, but the link went dead. Luckly the Internet Archive came to my rescue.

Rob Elshire

Rob Elshire

Rob Elshire

Rob Elshire

Adults failed our young people, and now we’re going to blame them for it (Commentary) -

Here is a straight talking commentary about how the adults at the Universities set up the students for blame. The same thing would happen here for the same reasons if we have COVID-19 in the community. Just say no to magical thinking!!

Rob Elshire

We Still Don't Know All the Long-Term Consequences of 'Mild' COVID-19

These stories keep coming out. Just today, I read that the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, may step down from his role due to ongoing health issues from his COVID-19 infection. There are also studies coming out that indicate that it is possible to become infected more than once. That adds concern about even the possibility of a vaccine.

A thought experiment: What would it look like 5 years from now if there is no vaccine and no erradication of COVID-19 in countries that did not bother with an elimination strategy? What about those that had a good elimination strategy? In which case would there be a healthier population, less drag on health care systems? What about economies? Consumerism?


Rob Elshire

VAUGHN DAVIS: Bearing Barnett’s burden: why businesses have plenty to be proud about | BusinessDesk

We are small business owners too. The pandemic caused a massive slowdown in work this year. The people who are whining about the effects on business (as if it were monolithic), are dismissive of those businesses who are nimble and pivot, and those who plan for contingencies with sufficient rainy day funds.

Clearly, there will be businesses that fail. Some of them rely on paying and treating their workers poorly (i.e. exploitation). I have no sympathy for those businesses or their owners. Others will  succumb to changes in the market, which will inevitably happen. Others still, will adjust and come out okay. New business will also emerge.

This article speaks about those who are making it work. Great to see this for a change.

Rob Elshire

Siouxsie Wiles: Why Covid elimination remains the best game-plan for NZ | The Spinoff

Speaking of scientists that we know working hard to get the word out....