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Musings from the shed.

Rob Elshire

Reaction to NZ Herald article regarding Tom Richardson's resignation

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As I read the headline about former AgResearch CEO Dr. Tom Richardson having been investigated by a Q.C. on allegations of bullying (NZ Herald 5 Dec 2019), I fretted deeply for AgResearch's reputation. Thankfully, those administrators interviewed made it clear that it was a "matter for the board", the board had it in hand, and there is no "workplace bullying problem". I am reassured that all is well for AgResearch employees because there are "modern internal policies and support mechanisms". Complementing his remarkable leadership "at a time of upheaval", it is truly inspiring that Dr. Richardson is keeping to his contract regarding confidentiality thereby proving (beyond any doubt) that he was worthy of a $650,000 annual salary. I am greatly relieved that there was no confirmation of bullying and therefore no need for anyone to feel the bitter sting of remorse. Clearly, this must also mean that there were no victims from whom to seek forgiveness. Most importantly, their reputation remains unsoiled.