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Musings from the shed.

Rob Elshire

Is Plastic Recycling A Lie? Oil Companies Touted Recycling To Sell More Plastic : NPR

This article came my way via Slashdot. While recycling has improved in recent years, it has not solved the problem.

In the comments thread user Comboman notes that there are 6 Rs to reducing waste and pollution:

In order of importance:

  • Refuse (don't buy it at all)
  • Reduce (don't buy as much)
  • Replace (use a better alternative)
  • Reuse (use it again)
  • Repair (fix it so you or someone else can use it again)
  • Recycle (should always be the last alternative)

Following these Rs is directly incompatible with an economy based on growth and resource exploitation. We need a different economic system that is compatible with sustaining our planet and our lives.

Rob Elshire

Know your business model?

2 min read

In an effort to replace 110v electronics, I am looking for a set of desktop computer speakers. Rather than buying something new, we try to purchase used items which reduces our footprint and helps keep e-waste out of landfills and such. I have had a TradeMe search for local used desktop speakers for a few weeks and nothing suitable is turning up.

Today, I decided to try We Reuse I.T. Ltd. ( on Cuba street here in Palmy. The person there was very accommodating. He said there may be some speakers out back and if I would come back in 30 minutes he would go take a look. When I came back, it turns out there were not any. No worries, no big deal.

What happened next just baffles me. He suggested that I try the Warehouse. I explained that I was only interested in buying used. He said they were cheap at the Warehouse. I explained that it was not about price, but rather not buying new. He seemed confused that I would rather keep looking for a used item when new was cheap. I pointed out that I was actively trying to support their business model! I am not sure that it registered with him.



Ended up finding a used set of powered speakers for a gold coin donation the next day.