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Musings from the shed.

Rob Elshire

Agri-Tech Innovation Ecosystem Workshop

1 min read

I put this together for the first Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri Technology (Australian National University in Canberra) workshop a few years ago. There is a lot packed into this (even though the recording cut things short). This is one of my best pieces of integrative work.

Rob Elshire

Useful PuTTY Configuration Tips and Tricks

Every time I run a workshop which requires MS Windows users to use ssh, it is a real pain in the ass. GNU/Linux and MacOS users have a native Terminal program which works beautifully. Windows users essentialy have only PuTTY. On top of that they don't have the file permission settings of unix like operating systems which causes other problems.

Hopefully this article, provided ahead of time, will reduce the pain a bit.

Rob Elshire

Ferguson's Model and Its Implications - SoylentNews

This is a roundup of information about Ferguson's Model. A 13 year old 15K line program used to simulate social movements and epidemiological modelling. The UK used it as the scientific basis of their lockdown.

I'm not saying that the UK should not have done the lockdown. What I am saying is that another weak point uncovered by the pandemic is shoddy software practices in science. We covered some of these issues a few years ago at the Palmy Bioinfo Meeting and made a workshop of it.

It is also important to note that not every country used this software to do their modelling.

Rob Elshire

Australia Takes Its First Baby Steps On the Road To A Right-To-Repair Law, With A Consultation About Tractors | Techdirt

In 2018, I presented at the Centre for Entreprenurial Agri-Tech (CEAT) inaugural workshop at Australian National University. I used the John Deere story as an example of over-reaching of patent and copyright which is clearly harmful to society at large. Maybe some of the people there heard me?